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Blog now on Substack!

I am thrilled to be on Substack in a collection of all my passions and projects, all pulled into orbit around the topic of Archetypal Stories!

The Archetypal Tarot podcast will now live here as I continue to interview authors and artists of the latest Tarot and Oracle decks on the market. It is truly a renaissance hour for the intuitive arts and I am thrilled to bring their voices and insights to this platform. The first podcast, Song of the Grandmothers with Kara Simons, is already up and can be listened to on the podcast page. Older episodes (aka, every archetype found in the Major Arcana under jubilant discussion) can still be found for free on Podbean.

Archetypal Stories on Substack will additionally fill with articles, essays and videos offering life insights and archetypal narratives from world myths, fairy tales as well as newly created stories inspired by nature (based on the work of Story Through Stone, my own deck of rockin’ nature archetypes).

I have just enabled paid subscriptions for this Substack and want to fill you in on the perks of upgrading! Founding members will receive a free card reading (on Zoom or in person depending on your location) as well as the perks of regular paid subscribers who will have access to my weekly healing arts writing group on Zoom AND exclusive access to additional posts and video footage of podcast interviews (that’s right - SEE the deck authors and Artist creators!)

While this offer is new, I am offering 50% off the subscription rate - that means only $2.50/month (or $15) for the year! Offer holds until my birthday June 16, where neither I nor this Substack will be very new ;) Here is the link to claim this offer:

Warmest thanks for joining me on this adventure of archetypes, please never fear to reach out with your stories, your questions and your archetypal wonderings.

Yours in Stories,


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Jan 27, 2023


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