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Writing in Robes: Weekly Group for Writers & Healing Artists

Here's what participants are saying about Writing in Robes:

"Cyndera creates a clear space for writing that is encouraging but not pressured.  She begins our group with a twinkle in her eye, and a unique weekly meditation, clearing our mind and focusing our thoughts, followed by the sharings our writing intentions.  We have an hour of silent writing, and then provide feedback as to how we used this space and time.  There is no pressure, only dedicated time, peace, and encouragement.  Her group is now a weekly commitment that I joyfully meet."   
~Patricia O'Gorman, Author, Psychologist, Speaker


This is what I look like when I wake up to write. Guess what? Nobody cares. What matters is doing the writing, showing up as your whole self and finding seeds of joy in the work you have to offer the world. Why not do it with company (and coffee, while wearing robes)?! 

My weekly Writing in Robes accountability group on Zoom invites you to show up however and whoever you are to get it done - whatever "it" is. We start with an accountability check-in, what you would like to work on over the hour (insert shoulder-shrugging here). I then offer a short guided meditation to focus our minds and inspire our imaginations. A full hour of writing (or whatever) follows and then we check in to see what happened!

Mondays, 8:15-9:45AM, Pacific Time

To join Writing in Robes, please become a paid subscriber to my Substack!

For any questions and to get the Zoom link please e-mail me!

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