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Story Through Stone Reflection Card Instruction 

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Interaction with the images of billion year-old stones  allows for a creative exploration of individual life themes. With the use of story, active imagination, intuition and play, Cyndera helps you to find meaningful connections between Self and World and inspire new approaches to self-understanding.  


In every session, the past is placed in a new perspective, meaning is sought for present circumstances, and possibilities for your future's greatest good are considered with clarity. 


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"Together we can light the lantern and see the stones we are walking on, the stones that we would otherwise trip over, the stones that lead us here. Story Through Stone Reflection Card Readings paint for us metaphors that reflect a deeper truth of our being. With this new awareness we may step with more intention and courage into the darkness ahead…"


~ Cyndera Quackenbush, Archetypal Tarot Podcast

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