Sukha Stone Self-Care Retreat

to Joshua Tree

with Cyndera Quackenbush

and Desiree Ammons










February 17-21, 2020


Cost: $850


Unwind your spirit and nourish your soul within the beautiful and mysterious desert of Joshua Tree. Your guides will offer a restorative blend of soul-searching and self-care instruction and ritual while also offering plenty of time to explore on your own.


Field Trips to Joshua Tree National Park, Sound Baths at the Integratron and Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum (optional) are offered as part of this unique adventure.


What is Story Through Stone?


Awaken your Essence, Align with your Purpose, Find your Story Within... the Story of Stone! Interaction with the images of billion year-old stones from the Mojave Desert allows for a soulful exploration of Self and World. With the use of storytelling, active imagination, intuition and play, Cyndera guides you to meaningful insights and inspires new approaches to healing and self-understanding. The past is placed within a new perspective, meaning is found for present circumstances and possibilities for your future's greatest good are considered with clarity during the course of the retreat.  


What is Sukha Self-Care?

Sukha, in Sanskrit, means “authentic happiness, pleasure, ease, joy and bliss.” Sukha Self-Care, developed by Desiree Ammons, is a process of relaxing one’s body through gentle movements and connecting more deeply to the breath. By creating a ritual around the crown chakra, dead ends and all that no longer serves can be released. In Sukha Self-Care Rituals our worries can be brushed away - opening us up to healing and helping to create new possibilities for transformation. This soothing and easy-going process can also connect us deeply with each other when practiced with a partner or small group.


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Retreat Schedule


Monday, Day 1


Settle in at the Cosmic Rabbit!

8:00pm Opening Ritual for Retreat - Hot Towel Meditation


Tuesday, Day 2


8:00am Morning Practice


9:00am Breakfast


10:30-12:00pm Story Through Stone Workshop:

Awakening the Animistic Imagination


12:00-1:00 Lunch on Your Own (meet at Coyote Corner)

Joshua Tree National Park Desert Walk and Reflection Activity


6:00pm Dinner


7:30 Sukha Session #1: Sukha Self-Care Ritual


Wednesday, Day 3


8:00am Morning Practice


9:00am Breakfast

10:30-12:00 Workshop: Telling the Story


Afternoon on your own or optional field trip: 3:15pm Integratron Sound Bath


Evening: Sukha Session #2: Sukha Self-Care Brush Circle


Thursday, Day 4


8:00am Morning Practice


9:00am Breakfast

10:30-12:00 Workshop: Active Imagination  


Afternoon on your own or optional field trip: Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Art Museum


Evening: Sukha Session #3: Creating Your Self-Care Ritual


Friday, Day 5 


8:00am Morning Practice

9:00am Breakfast

10:00 - 11:30 Closing Ritual: Integrating the Inspiration


About the Retreat Facilitators

Cyndera Quackenbush, MA was born and spent her childhood in Joshua Tree, California. She credits the desert landscape for gifting her with an expansive and playful imagination.  Having also been given a unique inheritance from her father, Cyndera is the creator of the Story Through Stone Reflection Cards and Reflection Card Reading method, and offers readings at Oceanside Healing in Pacifica, CA. Cyndera facilitates workshops in California and internationally on the topics of Therapeutic Use of Card Imagery and Archetypes and also on Awakening the Animistic Imagination. As a storyteller, writer, educator and spiritual guide in the Bay Area, Cyndera has found her bliss in helping others to uncover their purpose and path in the world. 


Desiree Ammons grew up in a small gold mining town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, surrounded by Northern California beauty. She was raised by her beloved Grandmother, Grandfather, and two Aunts who taught her to stay true to her heart. Following in her Grandmother and Aunt’s footsteps, Desi became a third generation hair artist and nurtures her clients in her San Francisco-based boutique salon, Under Your Hat. In addition, Desi has been mentored by the Movement Therapist and Viniyoga Philosopher, Jennifer Durand. Combining her knowledge of Hair and Yoga, Desiree has created Sukha Self-Care and is committed to sharing with the world the tools and practices for self-care rituals at home. 


What’s included in the Retreat?

Food: Continental Breakfast 4 days of the Retreat. One pack lunch available for the trip day to Joshua Tree National Park. Vegetarian Dinner provided for 3 nights. Please specify any diet requests by February 1 so that we may notify our chef.

Field Trips and Services: Desert walk on Day #2 is included as part of the Retreat. Purifoy’s Outdoor Art Museum is free/donation. Trip to the Integratron Sound Bath is $35. Private Sukha Self-Care sessions with Desiree or Reflection Card Readings with Cyndera are $75.

What to Bring?


A packing list of suggestions will be provided with registration but you can plan to bring all that makes you feel comfortable while relaxing, walking, journaling and living fully during your retreat!


Difficulty Level?


Our retreat incorporates easy yoga and walking for most levels of fitness. All offerings are optional and adaptable to the needs of our participants. Please let us know how we can accommodate you in any way. The Cosmic Rabbit House requires no steps to enter the house, bedrooms or bathrooms.

Lodging: The Cosmic Rabbit is a beautiful 3-bedroom house in Joshua Tree, close to town and near the National Park Entrance. Your lodging will include a 4 Night Stay (Monday-Thursday Nights) in your own bunk or pull-out mattress (provided). Private Room/Queen Bed available for extra cost or for couple/close friends at a discount. Arrive anytime Monday and check out anytime Friday. Friday night is available for additional fee. The house has lots of space, a private backyard and hot tub!

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