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"The reading felt very rich and full of symbolic relevance. Incorporating my storytelling based on the cards was a unique aspect of the reading. I appreciated the variety of elements - storytelling, active imagination, interpretation, dialoguing and finding concrete applications to my question." - L.C.


"The entire process was deeply meaningful and helpful for understanding myself and my situation. You gracefully held space for me to forge my own story and meaning. I was surprised how the process revealed relevant and insightful beliefs about how I am behaving. It was wonderful to create a possible good outcome to what feels like an impossible situation. I loved how you transcribed my words directly and honored my own process of the experience. I loved how you set the stage allowing me to choose the process of telling the story.  I felt empowered to create my story and life. The process of creating a narrative that was connected but distant from the specifics of my story allowed me to imagine new ways of resolving my conflicts. It was wonderful to engage that playful, creative part of me in a way that had structure but infinite room to be whatever it needed to be without judgment." - D. W.


"I came to Cyndera feeling quite a bit of anxiety about the circumstances of my life, and within the hour I felt levity in all of my being. Working with Cyndera is more like play - playing with intention."  - R. S.


"I loved getting to tell my story and finding that it actually is full of hope and union. You are awesome and accomplished and I am indebted. Thank you for sharing my journey."  - T. H.

"This method is an amazing way to connect the dreamscape with my current life both metaphorically and literally. The things I found really helpful: having my story reflected back to me, taking the time to visualize important aspects of the story and exploring all symbols before analyzing for meaning. My interpretation grew in that I saw many more connections after exploring all the symbols. I feel that this session has given me tools I can do on my own afterwards to explore even more. Thank you!" 

- T. S.


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