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Cyndera "Ms. Q" Quackenbush

brings the joy of Storytelling, Music and the Natural World alive with her illustrated Children's books!


Rachel Raccoon Songbook


Rachel Raccoon loves singing and dancing under the Moon. When she finds a balloon and some unlikely friends, will she make it for a visit to the Moon? Shoot for the stars with this adventure songbook!

(Includes Music Sheet of Song)



Radioactive Rabbit

Jem the Jackalope lives in the wilds of Chernobyl. With beautiful, glowing antelope antlers, Jem is unique among the rabbits of the woods. Unable to fit in, he hops deep into the Red Forest to discover his kaleidoscopic qualities and some creatures with surprising differences! 

$19. 95

Meet Illustrator and Book Designer Gabriela Cobar

Gabriela Cobar is the illustrator of Rachel Raccoon and Radioactive Rabbit. She was born in San Francisco and received her BFA from California College of the Arts in the winter of 2012. Gabriela is a fine artist that makes large scale oil paintings and loves using bright and vibrant colors. She is also a K-4th grade art teacher and hopes to inspire children to make art mistakes, have fun and to embrace one's inner weirdness. Gabriela began illustrating in 2015 to explore various imagery, art styles and to collaborate with wonderful storytellers.

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