Stone Storytelling

Zoom Sessions for Kids!

The Coronavirus has deeply impacted children and families as they face greater isolation, big conversations about safety and justice - all in tightly shared spaces at home. Connecting with natural imagery, creating stories and acting them out is a remarkable way to work through this difficult period of time while furthering skills in reading, writing and

social emotional intelligence. 

Cyndera Quackenbush, MA (aka Ms. Q) offers Stone Storytelling Zoom sessions for children ages 5+. Combining her expertise with storytelling and years of experience with children, Ms. Q offers fun and engaging Zoom sessions that will get your child playing, sharing and creating. 

In each session, your child will create and act out a story, followed by an "ask the writer/director" Q & A.

Stories are recorded for your personal review and, if desired, stories told by your child can be shared with the whole family to enjoy!


"Ms. Q. was a masterful facilitator, helping our daughter work with cards and her imagination to develop stories, write them down, illustrate them, and act them out with finger puppets.  This was truly a highlight of each week and something she looked forward to.  Ms. Q. also shared the stories with us, helping us to better understand our child’s thoughts and feelings."

Parent, June 2020

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