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Intuitive MaStory

Card-Reading Course

Taught by Creator Cyndera Quackenbush, MA, Creator of Story Through Stone


What: A Personal Journey through all 54 Story Through Stone Cards. The stones depicted in these cards are 1.3-1.7 billion years old from Death Valley and have naturally occurring imagery. Unlike other card reading systems, there are no assigned names or numbers to the cards. This unique reflection card reading certification brings you into a deep dialogue between self, world and other members of the group, lead by your guide Cyndera. 


Where: On Zoom


When: Wednesdays at 6pm


Cost: $540 ($10/card approval. $500 if paid in advance)


Course Design: 


The Intuitive MaStory Card-Reading Course is designed to fit a pace that suits your lifestyle, so participants may work at different rates, though we will meet consistently once a week. Certification is completed once you have done worksheets for each card, a total of 54. Card reflections will be reviewed by Cyndera either in the group setting or via e-mail. Each weekly course will also include guidance and curriculum around completing readings for yourself and others. There will be multiple opportunities for participants to share their own wisdom with the group, and to get comfortable teaching what they uncover during the course process. 

What you receive: 


With your $30 initial payment (for the first 3 sessions) you will receive the Story Through Stone Reflection Cards, the STSRCC worksheet pdf and an additional blank card deck in case you are interested in drawing each card to create your own art deck (optional). 


Weekly Zoom session includes:

  • Discourse on a Reflection Card Reading Topic with Q & A (i.e. spreads, how to draw out a question, stone stories, etc.)

  • Discussion of at least one card from the week prior. Participants share and compare what was seen in the card, their experience with it synchronistically over the week, a paragraph from their worksheet. Participants receive a stamp for any cards completion for the week!

  • 1 New Card Visualization to launch the week’s homework


Upon Graduation you will receive:


  • Intuitive MaStory Card Reading Certification, to give readings to others

  • A billion year-old Butterfly Talisman or Death Valley Paint Stones for your practice

  • Your completed Workbook of all 54 Story Through Stone Card Interpretations

  • Your completed Story Through Stone Art Deck (optional)


 Two Payment Options! Full Course for $40 off or $30 to get started with your first 3 sessions!

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