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Stories from the All World's Fair 2013

There are many crusaders

A flock of other-worldly geese
Searching for a specimen that can
Heal their race.
A flower…
And a lady through a window
Stalks of wheat
Pussy willows
The Roots of Trees
A dark black, oozing fluid
Over the roots
Shadows are in the roots of the trees
And the hottest of the heat
At a diagonal line
Through the core of the tectonic plates
Tribal people with masks on an island
When they dance it creates the heat
And you’ll be able to utilize this heat and see forth into the future
It helps propel you into the future
They’ll tell you how to do it.
I see birds flying through a canyon.
They don’t know where they’re going,
But they manage to not crash into the walls.
Someone crosses a suspension bridge
Made of vines
Three lines and a continent
A gritty continent.
And an ocean surrounding it.
Something transpired
It did not turn out so well.
Someone put lines through this continent.
I see a lamp
Pulsing red light
Spinning very slowly
Now it’s speeding up
The pulse is also speeding up
The cloud was dissipating
Something violent happened
Orange fungus
Very Loud
I see a man running
Leaning into the wind
This is an image of life,
It’s struggle
I see a cell
I see a cat’s tail
They are good friends
I see a shooting star,
I see pyramids
A desert
A Cold Desert with Snow
I see a snail
Its leaving a long slime trail behind it
I see swirls of darkness
But with flecks of light.
Things seem hopeless but
There is always the possibility for things
to go differently
I see little dots
Looks like a crocodile
Jumping towards a big black river.
An island, maybe
I see an ocean
A dark reddish sky
Black rocks poking out of it.
I see somebody
Paddling a boat
And a jellyfish
And from beneath the boat
The sun keeps shining
And the boat tips over
and the man gets stung by the jellyfish
I see a river that
regularly floods a lot of civilization
Around it.
There’s a tree
With a small house
Maybe just an outhouse
Next to the tree
The evening sunset casts a red glow
The teeth chomp
And chomp again
A man with a sword.
A thin line and curious geometry.
A landscape with distant dragonflies.
Beneath the surface
There is an opening
A dark opening
But at its center there
Is a great light
Many humans do not look beneath the surface and even those that do often give up in the darkness before reaching the light at the center.
A cave with a metronome
A tree with leaves that are all diamond-shaped
And a puppy.
A map of some roads of a small village
It’s alive –
I can see the people walking around.
As I zoom in
I see the people are in a pile, searching for something
They are searching for this stone.
I see the left ascending
I see a crowd gathering on the right
And a darkness in the middle
A gap that defines or divides,
Polarities of people
I see ferns in a swamp
With mountains in the background
Polluted air all around.
I see a brick wall
A brick wall made of teeth
Or a moster smashing its teetch against a wall
An ancient muddy river
With many things moving on it,
Some sort of animal
Swirling waters.
Here I see a rift between continents
Filled with creatures that look like Earth lizards.
I see a landscape of mountains and sky.
Mountains covered with trees.
I see a herd of water buffalo
Racing down a mountain side
In the middle of winter.
One of them is a brilliant scientist and
Has come up with a unified theory for energy in the universe –
But since he is a water buffalo,
He cannot speak and no one will ever know.
A bird like a peacock
With a very long tail
Is prancing
A snake will eat the bird
Wrapping itself around it.
A fox is chasing after the birds.
There is a great hawk
Flying across the ocean
And when it nears the land
It will land
On the land
And become part of the land
There was an oval galaxy
And within it a mountain
Every morning, the fog would roll
And cover the south side.
The North knew nothing of the fog.
A sink hole in the Pacific Ocean
There was once an island and it fell into the center of the earth.I see a forrest
A buck in a field
I see roots
Growing deeply underground
I see a fissure in the sky
 A flock of birds
I see cells,
A pathway,
A sensitive membrane
It can sense things around it
And it makes a pathway for them to go on.
The ships is parked at the end of the freeway.
Reflected in a lake
A shoreline
And trees in the foreground
A heron
A planet that has lost a lot of water
A once blue planet that has gone grey.
I see my mother she is looking upwards
She is both burdened and optimistic
She is not bowed by the weight on her head.
Long black hair,
A shimmer of light
She is pregnant with me.


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