Story Through Stone Reflection Card Titles Now Revealed!

Beginning this Fall, I am beginning to reveal the names, stories and meanings connected to the imagery in the Story Through Stone Reflection Card deck! First and foremost, it is vital that you continue to see what you see as you relate with the card imagery. Some folks find an additional layer of meaning when they hear the titles my father ascribed to the stones. Thanks for joining me on this journey of exploration of the billion year-old stone imagery... These posts may contribute to the Story Through Stone book of interpretations, and also include parallels to Tarot archetypes whenever relevant. I would love your comments and feedback!

First up.... The Sun Dancer


On the steep mountain side

From Set, to Rise

There is a Dancer

In the Sun.

Crown of Fire

Feet of earth and air

Arms Outstretched

Wide as the Horizon


Welcome to the edge my friend! Stretch out your arms and open your heart. Sometimes we cannot see what we wish to see because the bright light is behind it, silhouetting it in darkness. But still you can see the movements of my dance. My fingers tickle the horizon. The possibilities are endless, but the Sun at the center keeps me focused. The Sun rises and sets, and so too does my form merge with darkness, but I always know where the edge is… A foot in the air, but always one on the ground. There is no need for a leap of faith, just a dance with the mystery. Time to be seen in your dance, this dance you came here to do. This is how to balance in an unbalanced world… Some call me a fool to use my body as my tool, but the voices melt within the sun and my dance is never done.


This is a time in which something that has been invisible is made visible in the world. This is about noticing and appreciating how this invisible thing moves and breathes. The reason it has not been seen is because there is nothing else quite like it under the Sun, and many people cannot recognize a precious stone unless it has already been labeled. Your soul knows the gold of the sun, because it brings you joy and makes you want to dance like no one is watching. Bring the Sun Dancer out to play to find the limitless horizon.

The Dance we are talking about is not a learned dance. This is the dance that happens when you stretch your arms out wide and open your heart to the unknown. Don’t worry, your feet know what to do and won’t let you lose balance, as long as you stay guided by your Sun, your joy. The Sun is so bright, you can’t keep your eyes on it, but it is undeniably there all the same. It’s at your back, warming the way.

Others may not be able to recognize the rays you are following, but they will sense that you move to an authentic beat. Open your arms and be with your heart. Have a foot on the earth and a foot in the fiery air - the unknown. If two feet are always on the earth you get stuck in the mud. If two feet find the air always, you drift away lost and unattached. Have a foot in what you know, and a curious toe in what you don’t know. There is nothing stagnant in the Dance. Yesterday has left with the old sun, your dance is with this new partner.


Open your arms out to the horizon. Breathe into the heart three times. Now, dance your question.

Notes on Name and Placement:

The Sun Dancer’s placement as first in the deck is due to its connection to the image of the Fool in Tarot. The figure of the fool dances along the edge of a cliff, beginning our journey through the cards. The figure is bold, brave and connected to deep instinct.

Sacred Sun Dances originated with the Lakota but are practiced by numerous nations of Native North America. My father may have made this connection intentionally when he named the stone. The stone sparked a connection with one of his students during his many tours with the stones to schools. The student was quoted in the newspaper as saying: “my great grandmother was Apache Indian and every time an Indian mother gave birth the father would go out and dance in the sun.” The Sun Dance, distinct to each tribe, is a highly sacred ritual of renewal and sacrifice for the good of the community and practiced solely by those nations, passed from generation to generation. For the purposes of this book, the Sun Dancer relates to the ancient and archetypal connection each of us has to connect directly with Sun energy, with dance, and the rhythms of nature.

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